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The Communications Hub is a nonprofit communications program housed at Fuse Washington serving communicators across Washington state.

Our story is rooted in collective action, shared responsibility, and thriving communities. Those who sit in their comfortable seats of power—from greedy corporations to selfish billionaires to far-right elected officials—have long been force feeding us a story that resources are scarce, and only some are deserving of a healthy life. They seek to divide us based on our differences, and pit us against each other with the false notion that there is not enough for all of us to thrive. But we know better. When we come together across race and place, as we have done in our past, we are a powerful force for change, and we cannot be ignored.

To make lasting progressive change, we need to tell a values-based story about our world. Issue advocates, movement builders, and progressive leaders need access to simple and compelling messaging frames, as well as ready-to-use communications assets to tell the story of their work. 


Based in Seattle, the Communications Hub at Fuse Washington helps you identify and articulate compelling stories about your work. We build communications capacity in the progressive movement by training organizations on narrative and strategic communications. We work alongside partners to develop story-based strategies, informed by the most recent messaging research, to influence public opinion and dialogue on the issues that matter most. In a world where every issue seems polarized, we help you break through the rhetoric so you can authentically connect with your audience. 

We’re here to help you tell your story.


As Director of the Communications Hub, Reiny Cohen is responsible for legislative communications strategy, working with progressive organizations and legislators on policy narratives. Formerly an affordable housing advocate, she has worked on a range of legislative and electoral campaigns, and has 15 years of on-air experience in the Seattle radio market. Reiny is driven by her belief that no matter what we look like or where we come from, our political system must be accessible to all of us in order to work for all of us. 

As the Communications Organizer at the Hub, Abigail Leong helps local changemakers engage their audiences through research-backed storytelling strategies. She leads communications for coalitions working on issues of voting access and progressive revenue reform, connecting community stories to policy outcomes. Before joining the Hub team at Fuse, she helped produce podcasts like Hello Somebody (with Nina Turner), Battle Fatigue, More Perfect AF, and Seattle Kitchen. She is a graduate of Seattle University, where she earned a BA in Communication and Media with a specialization in Journalism. 

As Multimedia Designer for the Hub, Meg Wiedl helps partners diversify their communications tactics and focus on telling their stories visually. In our increasingly virtual world, it’s more important than ever to not just tell your story, but to show it too, engaging audiences across digital platforms for maximum impact. Meg earned a BA in Sociocultural Anthropology from the University of Washington, later graduated from the Graphic Design program at the Seattle Central Creative Academy while becoming a Pride Scholar. 

As Digital Campaigns Manager for the Hub, Isabel Lay develops and implements multimedia visual strategy to engage and activate supporters across Fuse’s social media platforms and for progressive partner organizations. Originally from Venice, California, she graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in Visual Journalism and Graphic Design. Prior to joining the Hub, Isabel managed the Public Health – Seattle & King County social media channels and acted as Design Lead for their Communications Team. When she isn’t watching TikToks for work, she is watching TikToks for fun, bouldering at SBP, rollerskating or hanging out with her very needy cat, Cowboy.


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