Messaging Resources

Referendum 101 Messaging Guide

Opponents of SB 5599 are gathering signatures to put a referendum on the November ballot to repeal the law.

SB 5599 updates the rules for providing emergency shelter to youth who are seeking lifesaving, gender-affirming or reproductive care.

Messaging 2023 Legislative Wins

The narratives in this guide can be used in
many ways: in conversations with stakeholders and advocates, as letter-to-the-editor or op-ed templates, in public statements and interviews, on messaging materials, websites, social media, and much more.

Critical Race Theory Messaging Guidance

We Make The Future and ASO Communications have compiled sample language to arm progressives in the fight for truth about critical race theory and its role in k-12 schools. If you are running for school board, are a concerned parent, or an advocate in education this toolkit is for you.