Our Services

Our progressive community is more powerful when we speak together with one voice. To that end, we offer free trainings and services to help you tell a better story about your policy work. We do trainings as part of a series or stand-alone, and they are always customized for your team’s specific needs, issue areas, and level of experience.

Communications Trainings

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Heroes’ Narrative

Stories change hearts and minds. How do we tell the best one?

The Heroes’ Narrative is a leading communications tool uniting the progressive community in Washington state around a shared narrative led by values-based messages and heroic stories.

Gold statue of justice, a lady in a regal robe, crown, and blindfold, holding out a set of scales

Race Class Narrative

Racism, classism, and dog-whistle politics can undermine our movements. How can we cut through the cynicism and present a vision for our future?

The Race Class Narrative is an empirically-tested form of storytelling that centers race and class and neutralizes the use of dog-whistle racism in order to win progress on the issues we care about.

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Communications Skills-building

Have a specific communications skill you need to develop? We can help. Some examples of trainings we can develop for your organization:

  • Graphic Design and Digital Tools
  • Earned Media: Letters to the Editor and Op-eds
  • Testimony Development

Communications Consulting and Support

Need help developing a communications plan, telling the story of your work, or optimizing your social media channels? Many progressive organizations don’t have an in-house communications person, graphic designer, or video department. That’s where we come in.

We offer…

  • Messaging Guide Development
  • Social Media Consulting and Review
  • Website Copy Drafting and Review
  • Graphic Design Assistance
  • Audio/Video Production Assistance
  • Consultation on Communications/Marketing Materials
  • Audio/visual production equipment rental
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Communications Staffing

We provide ongoing communications staffing to Washington statewide coalitions fighting for our progressive future.

Young African American woman making peace sign with fingers while smiling at camera, standing at a voting booth with an American flag and text that says "VOTE"

WA Voting Justice

A coalition fighting to make sure that every voice is heard and every vote is counted.

A crowd of diverse people participates in a march, holding banners that say "Black Lives Matter" and "All In for Washington."

All In for Washington

A BIPOC-led coalition calling for economic justice for our communities of color.

Mural on grass in front of WA state capitol building. Mural is of arms reaching out to the Earth, which is surrounded by hands reaching out holding signs that say "peace," "collective liberation" and "equity." Arms have plants and land on them that are sending produce floating towards the Earth.

Balance Our Tax Code

A coalition advocating for big changes to our upside-down tax system.

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